THREE WISE MONKEYS release new album: PROGETTO ARTE - SimplePR

Renowned fusion band The Three Wise Monkeys release their magnus opus of progressive music.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 10th December 2015 – The band that brought the world “John Mayer is a Douche-bag”, releases its 5th album titled PROGETTO ARTE, a salutation to all that is progressive music.

The album features 12 tracks from their 2015 sessions, filmed with multiple go pro cameras and shared with 3WM fans on the group’s webpage throughout the year. “Interacting with fans during the albums development has been incredibly rewarding as they have acted as a virtual producer, offering support suggestions and critique” mentions Alex King, the groups Bass Player.

The video for the albums lead single- “Panopticon” has already been viewed over 250,000 times before the albums official release. “The reaction to the songs has been amazing, we’ve been able to reach new fans in the most far away places, thru the power of social media and live video streaming on Periscope” adds the drummer Brendon Waterman.

The album cover features the works for underground Dutch painter Chris Van der Linden, which sets the tone for audio enlightenment given the three piece have taken a year off the road to concentrate in the studio. The Band’s guitarist Kypo explains, “most acts are spending more time on the road to survive, we wanted to get back to the studio, and focus on creating a sound, that sonic vibration that becomes the audio experience”

The album was recorded direct to disk in pristine 192khz that captures the band in moments of creation and composition with ultimate purity. “This album embraces improvisation, and I’m not talking about a 13 minute guitar solos, but improvising song creation” Kypo clarifies. The candid and raw recordings have lead many reviewers to note the quality musicianship and dedication to craft, signaling a triumph of artistic integrity. 4.5 Stars from Music Emission:

PROGETTO ARTE, will be released on 10th December 2015 and will be available worldwide thru most digital retailers and streaming services. The album will also be available in limited edition CD format from the Three Wise Monkey’s BandCamp site: or homepage

Three Wise Monkeys are a proudly independent band, which has risen from the digital underground, through street savvy guerrilla marketing and infectious tunes with crazy song titles. Their story reflects the paradigm shift that has occurred in the music industry over the past decade, unlocking the shackles, and the power transferring to the artist. Their music is a testament to the fact that good music can find its own path.

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