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Now there’s a succinct, wonderful and truthful way for parents to have “that talk” when their kids say “Billy said Santa Claus isn’t real”.

The response to that statement is presented simply, logically and warmly in the short story “The Spirit of Santa” by author Peter Hackmeister.  “The Spirit of Santa” lets kids fondly bring Santa along into every one of their Christmases for the rest of their lives, and pass his tradition on to their children, as well.

Drawing on personal experience, Mr. Hackmeister created this honest story for his own children.  “Every parent knows that there comes a day when their children question the existence of Santa”, he said.  “You hate to see that wide-eyed wonder fade away.  I told this story to my kids so the Spirit of Santa would remain joyful and true for them.”

It truly is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family.

Actual Amazon customer reviews of “The Spirit of Santa” have been grateful and sincere:

1)”What a simple, heartfelt way to deal with one of a parent’s most sensitive challenges.  I’ll save it for my grandchildren.”

2) “I always hated lying about Santa Claus to my kids.  I wish I had read this many years ago.  It describes how ‘Yes there is a Santa Claus’ wonderfully well.”

3) “This tiny gem explains the true meaning of Santa and how he came about.  It opened my son’s eyes.”

“The Spirit of Santa” is now available to everybody worldwide FREE for five days on Amazon’s Kindle platform starting Wednesday morning, December 9 through Sunday evening, December 13, 2015.

After that date it can be downloaded for $0.99.

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Mr. Hackmeister is a carpenter, author, serial entrepreneur, and inventor with three patents.  He developed the original patent on what is now known as streaming video.

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