How It Works

The process of spreading your message to the world with a release distributed by SimplePR has never been easier. Follow our simple, three-step process and your news item will receive the widest possible distribution.

 Step #1 – Craft Your Release

The first step in the process is creating your press release. Write an impactful headline that clearly states the news or message you are trying to communicate to the world. Then, write your press release and include the most important parts at the top of your release. Consider adding a call-to-action at the bottom of your press release to get your readers to make a purchase or sign-up for your mailing list. Add hyperlinks back to your website in your release and add an image or any other multi-media elements that you might have. Give your press release a final read-over for spelling and grammar and it’s ready for submission.

If you’re not sure how to write a press release, we’re happy to help. For an additional $99.00 fee, our team of seasoned writers and editors will create a press release for you that attracts media mentions and generates maximum impact.

 Step #2 – Place Your Order

After you’ve written your press release, navigate over to our submission page and complete our simple order form. Enter your release details, as well as your contact and payment information and we’ll take it from there.

After you submit your press release, we’ll give it a quick check for grammar, spelling and formatting. After our team has reviewed your release, you’ll receive an email notification that your press release has been approved. If you choose immediate distribution, your press release will be sent to our distribution network immediately of top news websites and news portals after approval. If you want to schedule your press release, we’ll wait until the time that you set to send out your release.

 Step 3 – Measure the Results

When you distribute your press release through SimplePR, your release will be sent out to a wide variety of media outlets, including the websites of dozens of major American newspapers, television stations and radio stations. Your release will also receive guaranteed placement in news portals like Google News, Bing News, Topix, News360, Technorati and Newsle. It will also be sent out to a variety of research databases, industry-specific news websites, international news websites, press release directories and online news blogs.

24-hours after your press release has been distributed, you will receive a full pick-up and distribution report that includes hyperlinks to your press release on the wide array of media outlets that picked-up your press release.

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