GasTechno Signs Manufacturing Agreement with GENERON and Establishes $2 Billion Gas Flaring Reduction Carbon Fund with Future Trends International Group, China - SimplePR

December 10, 2015, Walloon Lake, Michigan

On November 6, 2015, Gas Technologies LLC, the licensor of the patented, single-step GasTechno® gas-to-liquids process, reached an agreement with GENERON to utilize their recognized custom engineering and fabrication capabilities to deliver the highest quality engineered systems and ongoing aftercare support.

“With burgeoning demand for small-scale GTL solutions needed to address increasingly stringent emissions and climate change regulations, GasTechno® expects to continue our rapid growth trajectory. We have had discussions with a number of manufacturers to identify those that can help us scale quickly and ensure the highest equipment safety standards are met. GENERON meets both of these needs” said Walter Breidenstein, CEO, Gas Technologies.  

GasTechno’s® Mini-GTL® is the world’s only patented and proven technology capable of profitably converting gas-to-liquids (GTL) in a single-step at small-scales. The modular skid-mounted system is ideal for deployment in remote locations for use in converting stranded natural gas or associated gas that is currently flared into higher value fuels and chemicals while offsetting greenhouse gas (GHG) and other harmful emissions that are subject to increasingly stringent environmental regulations and programs such as the World Bank’s “Zero Routine Flaring by 2030” initiative. GasTechno® Mini-GTL® is the lowest capital and operating cost gas-to-liquids solution in the industry.

Mr. Breidenstein states that “the GasTechno Mini-GTL® plant is a small-scale chemical plant that can be deployed at remote locations to convert stranded methane into high value liquid chemicals utilizing our highly innovative technology. Tom Jeffers, CEO, IGS Group, understands what it takes to bring complex, highly innovative technology to market with excellence. That is why we decided to move forward with GENERON toward commercialization in 2016”.

Tom Jeffers, CEO of IGS Group, states that “the collaboration agreement between GENERON and Gas Technologies is a great example of how two companies, who are both focused on excellence and innovation, can collaborate to provide engineered solutions at a great value to their clients. GENERON is an expert in the design and manufacture of highly specific engineered systems while Gas Technologies has extensive process experience in the development of this proven technology to monetize stranded and associated flare gases into higher value end products”.

In order to support the worldwide growth strategy of the GasTechno® process, on November 18, 2015 in Dubai, UAE, Walter Breidenstein signed an agreement with Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi, Chairman of Future Trends International Group, based in Shanghai, China, to establish the world’s first $2 billion Sharia compliant, green-certified equipment leasing and carbon asset fund that will focus on financing GasTechno’s® gas flaring emission reduction projects worldwide. Simmons & Simmons, Dubai is assisting with formation and legal structuring of the fund.

Dr Farzam Kamalabadi said, “I have been involved for over 30 years in the oil & gas business, and have recognized that flared gas was polluting our environment and especially those communities living near this wasted valuable resource. To me flared gas has always been “paying huge amounts to pollute the world”, whereas GasTechno is the reverse, “clean the world while earning good money for the investors”. Over the past 6 years I have watched GasTechno grow from an idea to prototype to an actual viable, commercial unique technology that can change the world. Future Trends is all about changing the world, and supporting GasTechno in this $2 billion fund to stop gas flaring worldwide is my privilege. I encourage nay urge the World Bank, the United Nations, other Sovereign governments, National Oil Companies, and other major players to join us in supporting the Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative, for which GasTechno will play a dominant role due to its superior no-catalyst, single-step, more-flexible and more-mobile technology, with lower-capex and lower-opex while creating higher-volume and higher-value processing.”  

About Gas Technologies LLC

Gas Technologies LLC has patented and developed advanced, proprietary technologies for converting associated flare gas, landfill gas, biogas and other sources of stranded gas into saleable liquid fuels and chemicals at small scales – quickly and economically unlike conventional solutions such as the traditional, capital intensive 3-stage GTL or methanol process technologies. The company is headquartered in northern Michigan with new offices opened in London, Moscow, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore in 2015. For more information, visit Micro-GTL, Mini-GTL, Methanol-In-A-Box, GTL-In-A-Box and GasTechno are registered trademarks of Gas Technologies LLC.


Since 1983, GENERON has built a reputation in industry for its innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety. Out of its state of the art 104,000 square foot ISO9001 certified facility, GENERON can engineer, manufacture, test, and provide ongoing support for our clients’ unique systems that meet a variety of certifications required across the globe, such as CSA, CRN, CE, PED, ABS and DNV.

As an industry leader in design and manufacture of air separation and gas processing systems, GENERON technologies and systems touch the lives of consumers around the world every day, often times without them ever knowing. Patented GENERON™ membrane modules help improve our clients’ productivity and increase their ROI; and GENERON is dedicated to the ongoing research and development of these technologies and the continual improvement of its engineering, manufacturing and product development capabilities.

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About Future Trends International (Group) Corporation

Future Trends International (Group) Corporation is a group of companies conducting business in various regions, diverse industries, and with multiple formulas and modes of operation. The core focus of the corporation is oil and gas and energy, and related funds and investments in China.

Our abundant preferential availability of sources of oil, gas and other scarce energy resources from our supply side, Middle East, and two decades of experience, influence and operational know-how in dealing with oil and gas projects in China, added with our several oil and gas and energy funds and partnership with investment houses complete our triangular formula of supply, market and finance and place us in a unique position to assist major financial corporations and enterprises, capital groups and money-owners to capture a good share of the largest industry in the largest market of the world by organizing a large portion and a series of supply of scarce oil and gas and petrochemical resources, and applying them to a series of market-side projects with the right operators in a five to ten-year period.

Furthermore, due to our past success and current influence in China, we are in an unparalleled position to help governments and corporations with both designing a strategy and implementing it for entering and expanding in China. For more information, visit:

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