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At SimplePR, we believe that getting your message out to the world should be hassle-free and headache-free. We don’t believe in charging hundreds of dollars for each release distributed. We don’t believe in complicated pricing tiers or cumbersome membership accounts. We believe in providing the best customer experience and delivering the widest coverage at the best available price.

We’ve spent years working with major media organizations to build out a distribution network that our competitors can’t match. When you use SimplePR, your press release will be distributed to a wide network of websites for major newspapers, radio stations and television stations. Your release will also be included in news portals like Google News and Bing News, and Topix. Finally, it will be sent to every major search engine, various research databases, online news portals, industry-specific news websites, international news websites, various social media feeds and online news blogs. Other distribution services may promise to get you on “thousands of websites”, but they don’t tell you is that 99% of those sites are no-name spam blogs. We’ll put your release where people will actually read it–well-known, high-traffic sites like the Boston Globe, Google News, The San Jose Mercury News and Topix.

The ROI of your marketing dollars is important to us as it is to you. We believe that you should get the widest possible coverage of your press release at an affordable price. That’s why we don’t charge $300.00-$500.00 for each release like some other services. Instead, we charge a flat-fee of $89.00 to distribute your press release to the world.

We’re committed to helping every business, non-profit and individual gain greater visibility through our press release writing and distribution services.

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